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A method apparatus for installation for the continuous manufacture of articles of clothing constituted by a flexible non-elastic element on which is fixed locally at least one stretched elastic element adapted to confer on the said non-elastic element the faculty of stretching, the elastic element being fixed in position in the stretched condition. The said method comprising essentially the steps of: causing a continuous strip of said non-elastic element to travel, without being subjected to deformation, at a constant speed and always in the same direction; simultaneously causing at least one continuous tape or band of said elastic element to move in the same direction and at the same speed as the said strip, while subjecting said elastic tape to a pre-determined stretch; fixing the said elastic tape in the stretched condition on the said non-elastic strip; and cutting the assembly formed by the non-elastic strip and the elastic tape fixed on said strip, transversely to the direction of travel so as to obtain a continuous series of articles separated from each other; the said non-elastic strip being further subjected at regular intervals to a second cutting operation following a predetermined outline so as to form rough shapes of the articles to be obtained.

Method of and installation for continuous manufacture of unsewn articles of clothing
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September 16, 1971
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August 13, 1974
Bourgeois Alain
Graybeal Barnard Uhlir & Hughes
Elastelle Paul Fontanille & Fils
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B29C 53/00
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