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A self-contained disposable medication applicator with an encapsulated topical medicine or other fluid wherein a relatively rigid section of material is provided with a recess to hold the fluid and a flexible strip has one part thereof sealed to the relatively rigid material to close off the recess and encapsulate the liquid, with an adjacent length of flexible material having swab material, such as cotton, secured thereto and with a further length of the flexible material peelably attached to the rigid material in a manner to have the flexible material arranged in a generally U-shape, with the swab material captured within the flexible material and positioned to be impregnated by the liquid when the liquid is discharged from the recess. The discharge of the fluid is facilitated by having a manually fracturable seal at one end of the recess whereby manual squeezing of the medication applicator releases the fluid for impregnating the swab material and the flexible material may then be peeled from the relatively rigid base material and folded back upon itself to expose the swab material for use.

Self-contained disposable swab-type medication applicator
Application Number
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Application Date
June 4, 1973
Publication Date
July 30, 1974
Bailey James D
Hofgren Wegner Allen Stellman & McCord
Health Products
A61j 01/00
A61m 35/00
A61F 13/40
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