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A catheter placement unit primarily useful with equipment for monitoring central venous pressure comprises a length of flexible hollow tubing having a female fitting at one end for attachment to the equipment and a male fitting adjacent the other end for attachment to the hub of a flexible intravenous plastic catheter that has been introduced into the vein of a patient. The male fitting has an axial opening through which the tubing passes and across the opening is positioned an elastomeric diaphragm having a slit which tightly engages the outer periphery of the tubing to form a seal between the male fitting and the tubing and to yieldingly resist the movement of the tubing relative to the male fitting. A stylet is preferably provided within the lumen of the tubing and a flexible plastic sheath preferably covers the tubing to provide a sterile procedure for feeding the tubing through the male fitting and plastic catheter.

Catheter placement unit
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December 5, 1972
Publication Date
July 23, 1974
Thomas Joseph J
Smith William
Bennet Stanford M
Johnson & Johnson
A61m 25/02
A61M 25/01
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