3824447 is referenced by 49 patents and cites 2 patents.

A booster circuit is provided which comprises a booster output capacitor and a plurality of capacitors, which are connected in parallel to a booster power supply for being charged when a voltage of a first level is applied to an input terminal of the booster circuit and, on the other hand, connected in series with each other when a voltage of a second level is applied thereto. The alternate application of the voltages having the first and second levels in repetitive manner allows the generation of a boosted voltage across the booster output capacitor.

Booster circuit
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November 30, 1972
Publication Date
July 16, 1974
Kuwabara Tsuneo
Waters Eric H
Kabushiki Kaisha Daini Seikosha
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H03K 17/06
H02M 03/04
H02M 03/07
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G04G 19/04
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