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A petroleum recovery method employing a mixed solvent for use in formation in contact with and over-laying a substantially water saturated porous formation which is prone to bottom water coning. The mixed solvent density is less than the density of water and greater than the density of the formation petroleum, and has a boiling point less than the boiling point of the formation petroleum. The solvent is injected into the formation near the petroleum-water interface and the mixture comprising solvent and petroleum is recovered from production wells. The solvent may be separated from the produced petroleum-solvent mixture by distillation and recondensation for reinjection into the formation.

Multiple solvent miscible flooding technique for use in petroleum formation over-laying and in contact with water saturated porous formations
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May 4, 1973
Publication Date
July 16, 1974
Tate Jack F
Allen Joseph C
Ries C G
Whaley T H
E21b 43/16
E21B 43/16
E21B 43/34
E21B 43/40
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