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Apparatus for metering loose products such as powder or granules, comprises co-axial metering and compensating worms rotatable in a casing from which the metering worm delivers product into a delivery tube. The worms are independently driven and servo-control means dependent on the torque of the metering worm controls the rate of rotation of the compensating worm which feeds product to the metering worm. By this means the amount of product distributed by the metering screw is strictly proportioned to the speed of rotation of the metering screw.

Loose product metering apparatus
Application Number
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February 8, 1973
Publication Date
July 9, 1974
Pellerin Jacques P M
Foucault Pierre A
Diller Brown Ramik & Wight
B67d 05/16
B65G 33/00
B65G 33/24
B65B 01/12
B65B 01/10
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