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These serially connected converters have multiple regulation modes including a new normal mode in which the current-versus-voltage characteristic has a substantial negative slope. This mode produces better load sharing among the serially connected converters than would a constant-current mode of operation and provides more stable operation of the remote repeaters serially supplied along a communication line by the converters than would a constant-voltage mode of regulation of the converters, especially in the presence of disturbances on the line. In the event that a converter is turned on into a line presenting an abnormally high load impedance, the converters are shut down. In the dual-line communication link, the neutral point at the floating end is grounded in the presence of sufficient voltage inbalance and then is ungrounded when the line currents are near balance.

Serially-connected converters having multiple regulation modes for use in supplying serially-connected loads on long lines
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July 31, 1972
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June 18, 1974
Untamo Peter Pentti
Schroeder Robert Edward
Ostapiak Roman
Meszar John Robert
Hamilton Billy Harold
Wisner Wilford L
Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated
H02m 03/32
H04b 03/58
H02M 03/337
H04B 03/44
H04B 03/02
H02M 03/24
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