3817104 is referenced by 13 patents and cites 6 patents.

A temperature measuring voltage to current converter including a temperature-responsive resistance bridge with an output connected to the input of an amplifier having an output connected to the resistance bridge wherein the resultant change of the output current of the amplifier is directly proportional to any change of its input voltage and independent of its load resistance so long as the amplifier is operating within its capabilities. The converter may be used in a wide variety of applications not limited to temperature indication. The bridge is used both in temperature indication and temperature controlling. The circuit of the converter needs little power and current. The use of a unique circuit construction makes it possible to produce a meter range of the precise magnitude desired. The use of the same unique circuit construction makes possible high sensitivity and the determination and adjustment of the point at which most accuracy and linearity exists. Meter overvoltage protection is also provided.

Temperature measuring voltage to current converter
Application Number
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March 1, 1972
Publication Date
June 18, 1974
Sapir Said
Stolzy A Donald
International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation
G01k 07/24
H01L 27/00
G01K 07/16
G01K 07/21
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