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A prosthetic knee joint device comprises a femoral component in the form of a shell member having two condylar portions with major convex bearing surfaces areas, which portions are bridged at one end by a portion defining a trough between the convex areas. An associated tibial component has similar portions in a platform bearing member defining major concave bearing surface areas and a ridge therebetween. The convex bearing areas are longer than the concave bearing areas and generally U-shaped longitudinally to simulate the corresponding shaping in the natural joint from which the shell member can in fact be derived. The concave bearing areas however simulate the menisci of the natural joint different phases of rotation to provide an optimized congruity between the bearing surfaces during rotation of the predetermined geometry of the prosthesis as compared to the variable geometry in the natural joint.

Knee joint prosthesis
Application Number
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May 30, 1972
Publication Date
June 18, 1974
Saleh Bahaa Botros Seedhom
Cushman Darby & Cushman
National Research Development Corporation
A61f 01/24
A61F 02/38
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