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A system is disclosed for clipping three-dimensional polygons for use in a computer-graphics display. The system removes from each polygon all parts that lie outside an arbitrary, plane-faced, convex polyhedron, e.g. a truncated pyramid defining a viewing volume. The polygon is defined by data representing a group of vertices and is clipped separately in its entirety against each clipping plane (of the polyhedron). In a multiple-stage structure as disclosed, each stage clips the polygon against a single plane and requires storage for only two vertex values. A time-sharing embodiment of the system is also disclosed. The disclosed system also incorporates the use of a perspective transformation matrix which provides for arbitrary field-of-view angles and depth-of-field distances while utilizing simple, fixed clipping planes.

Computer graphics clipping system for polygons
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October 16, 1972
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June 11, 1974
Hodgman Gary W
Sutherland Ivan E
Nilsson Robbins & Berliner
Evans & Sutherland Computer
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G06f 07/38
G06T 15/40
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