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A transition metal composition which is the product of reacting a transition metal complex of empirical formulaR.sub.m M.sup.1 X.sub.pWith a substantially inert matrix material having a hydroxylic surface which is free from adsorbed water, wherein M.sup.1 is a metal of Group VIIA of the Periodic Table, R is a hydrocarbon group or substituted hydrocarbon group, X is a monovalent ligand, and m and p are integers, m having a value from 2 up to the highest valence of the metal M.sup.1 and p having a value from 0 up to 2 less than the valence of the metal M.sup.1.The compositions are useful heterogeneous catalysts, for example for reforming of petroleum hydrocarbons or as olefin disproportionation catalysts.

Transition metal compositions
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March 20, 1972
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June 11, 1974
Thomas Hugh
Morris Arthur
Cushman Darby & Cushman
Imperial Chemical
C07c 03/62
B01J 31/22
B01J 31/16
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C07C 06/04
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