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An improved construction for the burner of a gas-fired, radiant heater in which a plurality of reverberator, combustion and guard grids are attached over the open face of a shaped plenum enclosure with common fasteners positioned around the periphery of and outside of the plenum. Between the grids and the fuel entrance to the plenum is a novel baffle plate secured within the plenum enclosure which acts to diffuse the fuel-air stream passing towards the grids and to thermally separate the rear of the plenum from the combustion area, thereby improving the directional heating characteristics of the device.

Radiant heater burner construction
Application Number
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December 27, 1971
Publication Date
June 4, 1974
Karlovetz Arthur Raymond
Leonard Henry K
International Magna Corporation
F23c 13/14
F23D 14/14
F23D 14/12
F24C 03/14
F24C 03/00
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