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Method and apparatus for examining micro-regions of biologic specimens normally radiation absorptive in which a source of coherent electromagnetic radiation is optically focused on a selected region of the specimen. The power density is adjusted in the central diffraction disk to the point where the specimen becomes absorbent, the power density distribution in the first diffraction ring being below the level necessary to initiate absorption in the said first diffraction ring. In its preferred form, the coherent radiation is fed to a microscope having a cooled objective through which focusing on a selected micro-region is achieved.

Method for evaporating, destroying, exciting and/or ionizing specimen material limited to micro-regions, and arrangement for carrying out this method
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August 16, 1972
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May 28, 1974
Remy Ernst
Kaufman Raimund
Hillenkamp Franz
Franzen G
Bierman & Bierman
Remy Ernst
H01j 39/34
G01N 23/22
G01N 23/225
G01N 33/487
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H01J 49/30
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