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A nonolithic microminiature inductor comprising a helical conductive path of deposited metal film immersed in a rectangular block of magnetic refractory material. The inductor has metal caps at each end of the block as terminations. These terminations may be soldered to metallized pads located on a substrate. A method for making this inductor wherein loops of conductive metal are deposited onto a thin unsintered magnetically permeable ceramic sheet with holes for interconnection therein and wherein said holes are alligned and said sheets are laminated such that upon sintering said metal forms a helical contiguous conductive path immersed a contiguous block of ceramic.

Ceramic inductor
Application Number
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February 29, 1972
Publication Date
May 21, 1974
Muckelroy William L
Elbaum Saul
Berl Herbert
Kelly Edward J
H01f 17/06
H01F 41/04
H01F 17/00
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