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A wheel assembly having a molded hub with either semi-pneumatic, semi-solid or solid tires mounted on the hub. The wheel has a web extending outwardly from its axle portion to a substantially transverse flange which extends about the periphery of the web. A locking rim extends radially outward from the flange and has slots extending through it and circumferentially spaced about the rim. Inserts are attached to or integrally molded with the locking rim to provide a tire core of less dense and less expensive material. A tire is applied to the locking rim and insert and the tire material is continuous through the slots in the locking rim.

Molded wheels
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July 26, 1972
Publication Date
April 30, 1974
Ehlers Ronald E
Wendt David W
Winter John M
Long Theodore J
B60c 07/24
B29D 30/06
B60B 05/00
B60B 05/02
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