3807407 is referenced by 157 patents and cites 4 patents.

A surgical instrument for mechanically suturing an incision or wound comprising first and second pivotally interconnected jaw elements, a replaceable suture magazine containing a single looped suture, the free ends of which are provided with short needles, means on said first jaw for supporting said suture magazine with said needles facing said second jaw, said second jaw including means for receiving and frictionally retaining said needles, whereby upon the positioning of the edge areas of an incision between said jaws, and the closing of the same thereupon, said needles and suture are moved from said magazine to said second jaw to be retained thereon, and after the opening of said jaws to permit manual removal therefrom, and the tying of the suture. One embodiment substitutes metallic staples for the suture and suture needles.

Suture applicator
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January 18, 1973
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April 30, 1974
Schweizer Edward E
A61b 17/04
A61B 17/04
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