3806102 is referenced by 57 patents and cites 8 patents.

A humidifier for use with a medical respirator having a hot plate type of heating unit entirely separable from a water reservoir which heats the water within the reservoir. The reservoir is provided with an inlet for receiving gas from the respirator and an outlet for delivering heated humidified gas to a patient and a bubble chamber partially submersed in the heated water intermediate the inlet and the outlet and which forms tiny discrete bubbles to be expelled through the water to humidify the gas. A valve means is provided to prevent water in the humidifier from being forced upstream into the respirator yet the valve means introduces relatively minor back resistance to the patient in the event of a cough.

Medical humidifier
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June 20, 1972
Publication Date
April 23, 1974
Drabkin Stephen H
Cibulka Anthony B
Valenta James D
Bopp Edmund W
Mathews H Hume
Rathbun Roger M
F02m 15/04
A61M 16/16
A61M 16/10
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