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A sample probe for gyromagnetic (particularly nuclear magnetic) resonance spectroscopy in which the sample may be brought to a desired controlled temperature includes: inner sleeve members defining a forward path for a temperature controlled working gas, which successively passes through a cooler, over the coil of a servo-controlled heater and then to the sample station; apertures in the downstream end of the inner sleeve members causing the gas to reverse its flow back between the inner sleeve members and outer tubular means, the return gas substantially passing around the sample station and heating means, and in direct heat-exchanging relationship to the cooler. This return path of the gas tends to minimize temperature gradients in the vicinity of the sample, while the heat exchange at the cooler tends to minimize the cooling of the incoming gas at high controlled (heater) temperatures; thus the heat within the system is conserved, all described parts being surrounded by an insulating Dewar tube.

Probe for gyromagnetic resonance spectroscopy
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August 2, 1971
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April 23, 1974
Baldwin David Michael
Levinson Daniel R
Perkin Elmer
F25b 29/00
G01R 33/30
G01R 33/31
F25B 09/00
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