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A method and several mechanisms for carrying out the method are disclosed. The method of (1) generating torque pulses by engaging a drill bit on the lower end of a rotating drill string in the bottom of a wellbore, and (2) monitoring the top of the drill string for the torque pulses therein may be practiced by a drill bit disconnectably attached with a coupling to the lower end of a drill string in a wellbore for being momentarily and precisely uncoupled and coupled during drilling to interrupt the torque transmission for generation of torque pulses in the drill string for being monitored at the surface. Mechanical, electrical, and fluid operated couplings are disclosed for rapidly coupling and uncoupling the drill bit from the drill string.

Method and apparatus for transmission of data from drill bit in wellbore while drilling
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August 11, 1972
Publication Date
April 23, 1974
Rundell Herbert A
Park Jack H
Stelzer Roland B
Ries C G
Whaley T H
E21b 47/12
E21B 47/16
E21B 17/02
E21B 17/07
E21B 47/12
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