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In a multiprocessor system, a source of description is provided in a unique work area assigned to each user program or process that references data and program stored in memory. Each description includes a first field defining the structure and format of the data, a second field specifying the location of the objects, the size of the object and any limits imposed, and a third field for controlling access and governing the data usage. Also included in each description are operating system flags which cause an operating system function to be executed at the microprogram level. Individual instructions of an instruction set for the multiprocessing system are executed with descriptions which interpret the instruction, executes the indicated instruction operation as defined by the fields of description, and may call for the next instruction.

Description driven microprogrammable multiprocessor system
Application Number
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May 16, 1972
Publication Date
April 16, 1974
Davis Robert L
Faber Ulbe
Zucker Sandra
Fiorito Edward G
Hall Charles S
Chung Edmund M
Burroughs Corporation
G06f 01/00
G06F 09/455
G06F 15/16
G06F 09/22
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