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Solenoid devices intended primarily to exert a force closely proportional to energizing current and particularly adapted for use in fluid pressure and flow controlling systems. The device includes an annular housing of magnetic material enclosing a nonmagnetic bobbin on which a coil is wound. An armature reciprocable within the bobbin in proximity to a pole piece of the housing exerts a force on a plunger extending through the pole piece. The controlled fluid may communicate with the interior of the bobbin; one end of the bobbin is closed and the other end is sealed to the housing so that the fluid may not escape from the device.

Electromagnetic thrusters
Application Number
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January 30, 1973
Publication Date
April 16, 1974
Deckard John I
Fitzpatrick Paul
General Motors Corporation
H01f 07/18
H01F 13/00
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