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During the process of manufacture of a wool 'top' among the entire worsted spinning operation, the sliver is first heated by steaming in its state of containing moisture, and then is imparted false twist while steaming the resulting sliver under tension, and thereafter is dried, at a temperature lower than that of said steaming, by the use of an apparatus having, in series combination, a steaming chamber, a heating and false twisting chamber and a drying chamber which are coupled to each other. By this method, the crimps of the fibers in the silver disappear to such an extent as can be recovered only by a specific crimp recovering step which is performed in the final finishing process.

Method for continuously setting wool silver
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July 18, 1972
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April 16, 1974
Sato Akio
Koide Tohru
Ishida Toyotaka
Ito Hirotaka
Nagata Yasunori
Ishizawa Kazutomo
Cushman Darby & Cushman
Kanebo Kabushiki Kaisha
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D01G 37/00
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