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A filter unit that will not gas block is provided, capable of separating gases and liquids and of filtering liquids, and especially of removing and venting gases contained in liquids to be filtered, particularly liquids that must be filtered through a fine filter, such as in the filtration of bacteria. The device is based on a combination of three filters, arranged side-by-side, in alternate sequence. At least one filter is wetted by the liquid, and at least one is liquid-repellent; the liquid-wetted filter passes only the liquid, and the liquid-repellent filter passes only the gas. By employing three filters side-by-side, in alternate sequence, with two like filters on each side of the unlike filter of the three, the device is made position-insensitive with respect to gas removal.

Liquid-gas separator and filter
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June 14, 1972
Publication Date
April 16, 1974
Rosenberg David J
Pall Corporation
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B01D 36/00
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