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A friction drive wherein two substantially coaxial wheel disks support a respective friction ring having substantially conical friction surfaces. One of the wheel disks is connected with a drive shaft and the other wheel disk with a power take-off shaft. A rim of similar transmission mechanisms is arranged substantially coaxially with respect to the friction rings. Each transmission mechanism comprises transmission means and guide means for said transmission means. Each transmission means possesses substantially spherical transmission surfaces maintained in frictional contact with an associated one of the friction surfaces of the friction rings. An adjustment mechanism serves for the common and uniform pivoting of all of the transmission mechanisms in axial planes of the wheel disks for the infinite regulation of the transmission ratio of the friction drive. The adjustment mechanism comprises a rotatable plate member provided with control slot means inclined at a substantially uniform angle to a radius and controlling the guide means of all the transmission mechanisms. The transmission means embodying two substantially spherical section-shaped friction heads having uninterrupted external surfaces defining the transmission surfaces and a respective shaft portion mounted at each friction head. The shaft portions are mounted in a bearing sleeve. A pair of disk members is fixedly mounted in the drive housing. One of these disk members supports all of the bearing sleeves and the other of the disk members guides such bearing sleeves during the adjustment in the axial planes. The rotatable plate member of the adjustment mechanism and the two fixedly mounted plate members are arranged at a spacing adjacent one another between the friction head situated at the one wheel disk and the friction head situated at the other wheel disk.

Friction ring drive with intermediate disks
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February 4, 1972
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April 2, 1974
Zurcher Andre
Kleeman Werner W
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F16H 15/16
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F16H 15/26
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