3800284 is referenced by 35 patents and cites 3 patents.

An electronic lock system utilizes a function generator at each access point to generate a pair of digitally encoded lock combinations, which, when matched by a digitally encoded lock combination borne by a key, permits access. One of the combinations, when matched, additionally controls the function generator to change the other combination to a next combination based on a pseudo-random number sequence. A central station utilizes a corresponding function generator to appropriately encode the various keys which constitute the sole communication link between the central station and plural access points.

Electronic combination lock and lock system
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January 12, 1973
Publication Date
March 26, 1974
Feinland Seymour
Hinman Bruce E
Eckert Alton B
Zucker Fredric E
Wittstein Martin D
Scribner Albert W
Soltow Jr William D
Pitney Bowes
G06k 07/06
H04q 03/00
G07C 09/00
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