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Downhole operations within a well borehole are controlled by utilization of various communication channels within the borehole. The conditions within these communication channels are detected downhole and are applied to downhole comparators. Whenever the condition with a communication channel is changed by an operator on the earth's surface so that it exceeds a reference value, the comparator provides an output signal. A control gate selectively combines the output signals from the comparators to provide control signals for utilization in the control of the downhole operations.

Method and apparatus for surface-to-downhole communication
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July 18, 1972
Publication Date
March 26, 1974
Harrell John W
Sexton James H
Patton Bobbie J
Hager Jr George W
Gaboriault A L
Mobil Oil Corporation
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G01v 01/40
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G01V 03/34
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