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A plurality of circumferentially spaced slits are formed within the inlet end portion of an elongated flexible plastic tube adjacent a resilient tip portion. The slits define links which flex outwardly to expanded retaining positions in response to a pulling force exerted on the tip portion by a small diameter flexible actuating line extending within the tube. A Y-shaped fitting is connected to the outlet end portion of the tube and slidably supports an actuating member which is connected to the corresponding end of the actuating line to provide for remotely flexing the links and locking them in their expanded positions. The actuating member also serves to close the outlet within the fitting during insertion and withdrawal of the tube, and the tube is adapted to compress axially in the event the actuating member is pulled before the inlet end portion of the tube enters the bladder.

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September 25, 1972
Publication Date
March 26, 1974
Szpur Roman
Jacox & Meckstroth
A61m 25/00
A61M 25/04
A61M 25/02
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