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A bandage for use in the continuous administration of drugs to the skin or mucosa, comprising a backing member defining one exterior surface, a surface of pressure-sensitive adhesive defining a second exterior surface, and disposed therebetween a reservoir containing drug formulation confined therein. The reservoir can comprise a distinct layer of the bandage or a plurality of microcapsules distributed throughout the adhesive surface, and in either case the drug can be confined within an interior chamber of the reservoir or distributed throughout a reservoir matrix. The drug passes through drug release rate controlling microporous material which continuously meters the flow of drug by viscous or diffusive transfer to the skin or mucosa at a controlled and predetermined rate over a period of time.

Bandage for the administration of drug by controlled metering through microporous materials
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August 9, 1971
Publication Date
March 19, 1974
Zaffaroni Alejandro
Alza Corporation
A61l 15/06
A61M 31/00
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A61L 15/58
A61L 15/16
A61K 09/70
A61K 09/00
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