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Means for separating heavier from lighter components comingled in fluid including an upright vessel and a plurality of spaced conical separator screens vertically stacked within the vessel arranged such that lighter fluid components flowing through the vessel flow through the screens, each screen being a conically shaped foraminous reticulum of integrally formed relatively small width and small thickness strands, all of which are longitudinally downwardly inclined providing a multiplicity of continuous uninterrupted downwardly inclined paths on which heavier components may travel.

Means for separating heavier from lighter components of comingled fluid
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October 10, 1972
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March 19, 1974
Murdock Sr Forrest Lee
Head & Johnson
Fishmaster Products
B01d 19/00
B01D 17/02
B01D 46/12
B01D 46/10
C10G 33/06
C10G 33/00
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