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A liquid pourer is attached to a bottle for automatically dispensing a predetermined amount of liquor each time the bottle is tilted to pouring position, and the number of such tilts or dispensing operations appear as a count. The count is read from a sleeve which is advanced one count. Such sleeve has saw-toothed type projections at each of its ends cooperating with complementary projections to assure advancement of the sleeve only one count for each dispensing operation. The amount of liquor dispensed is metered using a plunger assembly having apertured portions therethrough which are covered by a valve element movable on the plunger assembly. The position of the plunger assembly is adjustable to adjust the amount of liquor dispensed. To prevent dispensing of liquor unless the bottle is in substantially an upright, inverted position, a so-called antimilking device is associated with the pouring spout, and it involves a spool-shaped valve element carrying a locking ring which is engageable with an abutment on the pouring cap to prevent this valve element from uncovering openings in the pouring spout unless the bottle is in substantially a completely inverted position to thereby assure complete advancement of the counting sleeve prior to dispensing of liquor.

Liquid metering and counting and dispensing means
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October 18, 1971
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March 12, 1974
Zipper Walter J
Lyon & Lyon
G01f 11/06
G01F 11/26
G01F 11/10
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