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Liquid from a liquid sample container is flowed in automated analysis apparatus into a filter-equipped inlet end of a probe while the latter is immersed in the liquid, for transport of the sample to automated analysis. The probe is subsequently removed from the container and immersed in the liquid of a wash receptacle. Prior to immersion in another liquid sample, a fluid, other than sample, is flushed through the aforementioned filter in a reverse direction to cleanse it of particulate matter, the flushing being in timed relation to the movements of the probe.

Method and apparatus for supplying samples for automated analysis
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October 15, 1971
Publication Date
March 5, 1974
Negersmith Kent M
McCandless William J C
Gillette William H
Rockwell S E
Tedesco S P
Technicon Instruments Corporation
G01r 01/12
G01N 35/10
G01N 01/00
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