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Apparatus for producing a rapid reduction in the pressure followed by a high velocity slug of liquid to dissociate collected solids from a filtration membrane surface utilizing an air accumulator, check valve and a timed rapid pressure blowdown to dislodge the collected solids and flush them from the membrane; or utilizing a high volume recirculating pump for recirculating liquid suffused with air and periodically stopping the pump for a predetermined time interval and draining liquid from adjacent the membrane, resulting in a reduction of the pressure, and then starting the recirculating pump to provide a high velocity flow of liquid to flush collected solids from the membrane.

Apparatus for dissociating collected solids from a filtration membrane
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
May 15, 1972
Publication Date
February 26, 1974
Watson Jr Robert F
Sisk Francis J
Baehr Jr F J
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
B01d 31/00
B01D 65/02
B01D 65/00
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