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This invention is a method and apparatus for dispensing film sheets which are used for wrapping hamburgers, sandwiches, or other products which must be hand wrapped quickly. The film sheets are stacked and stapled at at least one corner with cooperating slits cut in the film near the staple. The sheets can be easily and rapidly torn from the stack with the remaining film held firmly by the staple so that film fragments do not contaminate the product. A dispensing tray is provided which further secures the stack of film sheets. Products can be wrapped by placing them on the top sheet of film and lapping the corners over the product so the sheet is torn from the staple thereby wrapping the product as the sheets are dispensed.

Method of film sheet dispensing and wrapping
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February 26, 1973
Publication Date
February 26, 1974
Thompson Eugene D
Dexter Everett H
Howe Milton A
Lee William D
Toney John J
W R Grace & Co
B65b 11/02
B65B 67/08
B65B 67/00
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