3792446 is referenced by 113 patents and cites 5 patents.

A data center equipped with a programmed digital computer and a voice answer-back unit processes telephone calls from users of postage meters equipped with combination locks, wherein each lock inhibits recharging of its associated meter with an additional postage increment while locked and its combination changes in random sequence with each actuation to enable meter recharging. The computer operates via the answer-back unit to voice communicate with the caller in requesting the input of data uniquely identifying the caller and the postage meter to be recharged pursuant to issuing the next combination.

Remote postage meter resetting method
Application Number
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December 4, 1972
Publication Date
February 12, 1974
Eckert Jr Alton B
McFiggins Robert B
Wittstein Martin D
Scribner Albert W
Soltow Jr William D
Pitney Bowes
G06f 09/18
G07B 17/00
G06F 03/16
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