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The basic fuel assembly structure for a nuclear reactor comprises a skeleton made up of individual hollow tubes composed of a zirconium base alloy, such as Zircaloy, and held in place by Inconel or stainless steel grids disposed between stainless steel end nozzles at the top and the bottom of the structure. The tubes serve as guide thimbles for cylindrical control elements strategically located in a square array of fuel rods held in place by spring fingers on the 'egg-crate' grids. The guide thimbles are attached to the top and bottom nozzles and the grids by mechanical joints without welding dissimilar metals.

Low parasitic capture fuel assembly structure
Application Number
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March 21, 1972
Publication Date
February 12, 1974
Choby Edward J
Bassler Jr Elmer A
Patterson John F
Stratton A T
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
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