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The invention relates to a structure to guide and support a vehicle by magnetic forces which utilizes the repulsive properties of permanent magnets attached to the vehicle and to the support in such a way that like poles are facing each other, which poles extend in the direction of motion, and are of alternating polarity transversely to the direction of motion. The relationship of the permanent magnets to achieve optimum suspension without generation of eddy currents and hysteresis losses is important. Further, the invention achieves lateral stability of the vehicle utilizing partial permanent magnetic forces and partial electromagnetic forces. The amount of vehicle support by the permanent magnets is mechanically controllable to compensate for environmental factors.

Means to guide and suspend a vehicle by magnetic forces
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September 17, 1971
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February 12, 1974
Baermann Max
Meyer Tilberry & Body
B61b 13/08
B61B 13/08
B60L 13/04
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