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A plastic covered building structure comprised of a metal frame supporting superimposed layers of plastic sheets having an inflated area between the sheets providing insulation to the interior of the structure. The super-imposed plastic sheets are secured to the frame by means of longitudinally extending rails having longitudinally extending upwardly concave portions and complementary clamping rods adapted to secure the edges of the super-imposed plastic sheets between the rods and the upwardly concave portions of the rail. The rails are adapted to receive clamping members at any point along the length of the rails to clamp the rods into the upwardly concave portions.

Plastic covered building structures
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December 27, 1971
Publication Date
February 12, 1974
Gahler Charles C
Hamburg C Bruce
Hunter Edward B
Nolte Jr Albert C
X S Smith
E04b 01/345
F16B 05/06
E04H 15/20
E04H 15/34
E04H 15/64
E04H 15/36
E04H 15/32
E04B 01/32
A01G 09/16
A01G 09/14
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