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A portable hair dryer of the hard hat type, having a head assembly which is pivotally mounted on a head support assembly, is provided with a novel, one-finger head lock release feature by which the head assembly is unlocked from the operating configuration for pivotal movement. The one-finger lock release feature simultaneously unlocks detents at both sides of the head support element, thereby eliminating any twisting at the hinge connecting the head and head support element.In a preferred embodiment, only two movable parts are required for the release mechanism.

Hair dryer with one finger head release
Application Number
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February 20, 1973
Publication Date
February 12, 1974
Bostick Frank W
Landis Earle H
Schick Incorporated
E05c 03/06
A45d 20/24
A45D 20/00
A45D 20/44
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