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A baseball game apparatus includes a defensive control unit with pitch selection switches manually controlled by a player serving as pitcher, and an offensive control unit with pitch anticipation switches on which a player serving as batter selects and swings at or passes an anticipated pitch. A mixer stepping unit randomly selects the resulting play from a category of plays determined by the degree of correspondence between the defensive and offensive pitch switches. The selected play controls sequential energization of a series of lights under a translucent playing field to simulate the movement of a batted ball. A player stepping unit energizes a further series of lights to animate men which converge towards the batted ball flight path. A base running relay energizes lights arranged in a diamond-shaped pattern to animate runners advancing around a base path. Interlocking relays allow one runner to be held on a base while another runner advances. A motor driven play animation unit energizes further series of lights to simulate the ball being returned to the infield. A plurality of stepping relays records the progress of the game, and in response to predetermined positions, such as third out, control energization of the relays and lights to modify the game condition then being displayed.

Automatic electric baseball game
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April 3, 1972
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February 5, 1974
Alexander Jr Delbert S
Hofgren Wegner Allen Stellman & McCord
Small Business Administration
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