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This invention relates to non-contact thermal severing of glass and includes methods and apparatus for altering at least some of the radiation from a thermal source so that a temperature profile that would ordinarily otherwise tend to be asymmetrical becomes symmetrical about an intended path of cut. The problem of asymmetrical temperature profiles occurs, for example, in non-bisecting cuts. The cut is completed either by continuing with the application of radiant heat until a tensile stress of about 1,000 pounds per square inch is generated within the glass, or by applying a bending moment about the thermal score.

Directional control for thermal severing of glass
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June 21, 1972
Publication Date
February 5, 1974
Michalik Edmund R
Oravitz Jr James L
Dahlberg John R
Millman Dennis G
Shanahan Thomas F
B26f 03/00
C03B 33/09
C03B 33/00
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