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Vacuum devices incorporate electron or field forming sources formed by a cellular array of emission sites. The sources comprise a metal/insulator/metal film sandwich on a substrate with a cellular array of holes through the upper metal and insulator, leaving the edges of the upper metal electrode effectively exposed to the upper surface of the lower metal electrode. Sharp protuberances directed toward the upper electrode and constituting emitter tips of controlled configurations are formed on the exposed area of the lower electrode. A method of forming the structure includes starting with the metal/insulator/metal film sandwich having the cellular array of holes already formed and directing permanent electrode material into the cellular array of holes and masking or subsequently removable material onto the surface surrounding the holes whereby an individual sharp cone-like emitter is formed within each of the holes in the cellular array. Vacuum devices are formed from such structures. For example, a diode is formed either by making the masking material over each emission site an electrode or by removing the masking material and applying a conductive electrode material over each emission site.

Field emission cathode structures, devices utilizing such structures, and methods of producing such structures
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January 3, 1972
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February 5, 1974
Heynick Louis N
Shoulders Kenneth R
Spindt Charles A
Faubion Urban H
Stanford Research Institute
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