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Method and apparatus for removing a tire too large for unassisted manual handling from a collapsible building drum. The drum comprises both articulated and individually removable segments and is collapsed after removal of certain segments by supporting the tire externally as by a crane sling, and moving the tire axially, axial movement of the tire being sufficient alone to cause the articulated segments to be collapsed permitting continued movement of the tire completely off the drum.The foregoing abstract is not to be taken as limiting the invention of this application, and in order to understand the full nature and extent of the technical disclosure of this applciation, reference must be made to the accompanying drawings and the following detailed description.The invention relates to building massive tires such as for earthmoving vehicles, and particularly to a method of and apparatus for removing such tires in the uncured state from a high-crowned drum on which the same are built.

Tire building drum
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September 24, 1971
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January 22, 1974
Griffiths Robert I
Brinkley Max D
Appleby Paul E
Washburn R S
Brunner F W
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
B29h 17/16
B29D 30/26
B29D 30/20
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