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A vascular conduit tourniquet including a sleeve having a bore defined by a wall formed of a resilient material and a spring clip fixed over the sleeve, preferably at the end of the sleeve opposite from the vessel which is to be occluded. Umbilical tape is passed under the vessel, the ends of the tape threaded through the sleeve bore and, while holding the ends of the tape, the sleeve is advanced against the vessel, thereby occluding the blood flow therein. The spring clip is then pinched forcing the sleeve walls together capturing the tape therein and maintaining the sleeve against the vessel in occluding relationship therewith.

Method and apparatus for occluding fluid flow through vessels
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December 21, 1972
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January 22, 1974
Wolvek Sidney
Darby & Darby
A61b 17/10
A61b 17/12
A61B 17/12
A61B 17/122
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