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In a process for treating continuous length filamentary tow of man-made fiber that is moved through a heated water bath, drafted and then in due course of processing is subsequently moved into a heatsetting chamber where it is heatset, the improved method of removing water from the tow by guiding the tow immediately from the heated water bath to and displacing it under and around the surface of an improved dewatering jet device and partly wrapping the tow around that portion of the dewatering jet device within which is the jet opening through which air is blown against the wrapped around portion toward the upstream portion of the tow and through the tow. The improved dewatering jet device is a cylindrical body member provided with an axially extending slot-like opening having substantially parallel walls and a depth to width ratio of about 5:1 and a radius on the outer lips of the opening of about 1/32 inch.

Method for removing water from tow
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May 26, 1972
Publication Date
January 22, 1974
Morehead Edward A
Finley Donald L
Dunn Malcolm G
Eastman Kodak Company
F26b 05/14
D06B 15/09
D06B 15/00
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