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A photothermographic element comprising a support having thereon (a) a reducing agent, (b) a silver salt of a thione compound, the thione compound being represented by the formula: ##SPC1##Wherein n is 1 to 10, R.sup.1 represents atoms completing a 5-member heterocyclic nucleus, Z is alkylene, such as alkylene containing 1 to 10 carbon atoms, and (c) a photosensitive component consisting essentially of photosensitive silver halide, in the absence of an image stabilizer or stabilizer precursor, can provide a developed and stabilized image upon imagewise exposure and then overall heating of the element. The photothermographic element can, but need not, contain a binder for the described components. Other addenda employed in photothermographic materials can be employed with the photothermographic element.

Photothermographic element, composition and process
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June 14, 1972
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January 15, 1974
Humphlett Wilbert J
Cole Roger M
Sullivan Michael F
Robert W Hampton et al
Eastman Kodak Company
G03c 01/72
G03c 01/02
G03C 01/498
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