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An integral, thin wall thermoplastic chemical analysis tube module has a plurality of test tubular receptacles disposed normally to an elongated rectangular planar area and has a surrounding first wall frame segment of uniform height secured to and supportively disposed around a perimeter major segment of the planar area. A first uniform stiffener lip is integrally secured to and disposed around the first frame segment opposite the planar area. An opposed pair of second wall frame segments having a second uniform height is secured to and supportively oppositely disposed around a pair of opposed perimeter minor segments of the planar area. The second wall height is precisely greater than the first wall height. A pair of second uniform stiffener lips is secured to and disposed around the second frame segment perimeter, also opposed to the planar area. The temporary compressive displacement of the second pair of stiffener lips inside the perimeter of the first pair of stiffener lips provides an expansive precise jaw clamp on release of the clamp, which can secure the tube module combination in a configured cut out aperture in a supporting plate.

Chemical analysis tube module
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March 2, 1972
Publication Date
January 15, 1974
Rohrbaugh Donald G
Thomas L Peterson et al
Beckman Instruments
G01n 01/18
G01n 01/14
G01n 01/10
B01L 03/00
B01L 09/06
B01L 09/00
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