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A tire building machine comprising an expansible drum on which tires are built. The drum includes a pair of sets of segments movable radially of the drum axis and which are covered with a rubber sleeve and are disposed between two sets of fingers which are also movable radially of the drum axis. The fingers are designed to hold a pair of wire beads concentrically of the longitudinal axis of the building drum in equidistant spaced relation from the centerplane of the drum. The segments are movable radially outwardly of the drum to form shoulders in the carcass plies on which the beads may be seated, after which the turn-up of the plies and tie-in of the wire beads are made, and tread and sidewall are applied to complete the uncured tire. The fingers and segments have rigid material engaging surfaces. The center section of the building drum intermediate the segments has a substantially rigid material supporting surface and, together with the segments, provides a firm working surface for building the tire.The foregoing abstract is not to be taken as limiting the invention of this application, and in order to understand the full nature and extent of the technical disclosure of this application, reference must be made to the accompanying drawings and the following detailed description.

Method of building tires
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June 26, 1972
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January 8, 1974
Touchette John W
Appleby Paul E
Woodhall Edwin S
F W Brunner et al
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
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