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Browning the outer external surface of a foodstuff with infrared rays emitted from an infrared source at the same time the interior of the foodstuff is processed in an electronic range. The foodstuff and the source for emitting the infrared rays are placed in a region where electromagnetic waves are radiated from a high frequency generator. The infrared source is constructed by evaporating a conductive thin film on the outer surface of a dish or other vessel for holding the foodstuff. Alternately, crystallized glass having fine pieces of carbon fibres scattered throughout may form the infrared source. In yet another embodiment, a layer of silicon carbide may be formed on an insulating base plate. In each of the embodiments, the infrared heat is generated by the action of the electromagnetic waves on the specially constructed source.

Method and apparatus for browning exterior surfaces of foodstuff in an electronic range
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June 30, 1971
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January 1, 1974
Tanizaki Hiroshi
Price Heneveld Huizenga & Cooper
Yamamizu Shoji Kabushiki Kaisha
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H05B 06/80
A47J 37/06
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