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An apparatus for recording a data input on, and thermally processing, a thermally processible storage medium in which a light source, such as a modulated laser beam whose intensity is modulated in response to the incoming data input, such as a video signal, is caused to generate a raster in conformance with incoming timing/control signals so as to expose a latent image of the input information on the storage medium. A rotating drum in conjunction with an incrementally driven lens carriage associated with the laser optical system provides the raster generation. The drum is automatically loaded with the storage medium from a supply means and automatically unloaded to a thermal processor upon completion of recording. The latent image is processed by the controlled application of heat so as to produce an actual displayable image corresponding to the data input at the output of the apparatus.

Recorder/processor apparatus
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September 7, 1971
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December 25, 1973
Stelben John J
Shim Ivan H
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