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A temperature responsive device is provided for use with cattle, and similar livestock, to furnish signals when the measured body temperature of the animal exceeds predetermined limits which are indicative of infection or disease within the animal. A small electronic package is conveniently fastened about the animal's neck and is connected to a thermistor sensing element implanted in one of the outer ear canals of the animal. The electronic package is provided with a temperature compensated amplifier and includes means compensating for changes in body temperature due to changes in ambient temperature, such that false signals will not be generated by the device. When the amplifier output reaches a predetermined threshold level, a signal device, such as an audio alarm, is energized to indicate that the animal should receive immediate diagnosis or treatment.

Ambient compensated temperature responsive device
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July 8, 1971
Publication Date
December 25, 1973
Caroon Robert L
Anderson Thomas W
A61b 06/10
G01K 01/02
G01K 01/00
A61D 17/00
A61B 05/00
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